We Meet on 2nd and 5th Mondays

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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We Specialize In:

  • Learning from World Champions
  • Expert-Level Speech Evaluation
  • DTM Certification Mentor Program
  • District Leader Mentor Program

We meet monthly on Second Mondays at 7:00 PM EST both Online and Onsite. We also meet on 5th Mondays Online Only.
ZOOM Link to attend online Questions? e-mail us at wmat-vpe@toastmost.org

Attend in Person at Beacon Hill at EastGate, 1919 Boston St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
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  Why Join an Advanced Club?

Joining an advanced club provides additional leadership and speaking opportunities. This advanced club consists of newer Toastmasters along with current and former District leaders and Distinguished Toastmasters.

Some people may feel daunted by the long-time members. Instead of allowing yourself to feel overwhelmed, take the opportunity to learn from us. We are here for your benefit and to help you learn different speaking and leadership skills.

Jack Welch said “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.  When you become a leader, success is about growing others.” I encourage you to consider expanding your learning. Allow us to help you grow and become a leader so you can do the same for others.

The proven way to help you speak and lead

Tom Neely congratulates Noreen Savage who represented District 62 in the International Speech Contest Semi-Finals in
Tom Neely congratulates Noreen Savage, contestant in the semi-final for the World Champion o Public Speaking in 2019. Both members of West Michigan Advanced Toastmasters.

In a traditional one hour club meeting, there are two speeches that are typically 5-7 minutes. In Pathways, especially when you get to levels 4 and 5, there are projects that can be upwards of 20 minutes and there are even some that are 40 minutes. In order to do one of these projects in a regular club, you need to make arrangements with your VPE to basically take over the meeting.

The advanced clubs in our District meet for 90 – 120 minutes. The meetings can have four to five speakers depending on how long each project is. It also allows for those longer projects and there is still time for other speeches. This is a huge advantage for Toastmaster members.

** Note that membership in our advanced Toastmasters club is limited to Toastmasters (or former Toastmasters) who have either: (a) Finished Level 2 in any Path in Pathways; or, (b) Completed six speeches in the legacy Competent Communicator Handbook.

What’s in it for you?

The other advantage of an advanced club is the extended evaluations. An evaluator is to provide constructive feedback based on opinion.

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The evaluator is not to judge the content or the person themselves. It should include the effect it had on you as the evaluator, what the speaker did well and recommendations for improvement.

The Effective Evaluation Manual produced by Toastmasters International specifically says “The more feedback a speaker or leader receives, the more the person benefits.” This statement is taken to heart in an advanced club. Not only does the speaker get the benefit of a primary evaluator, but he or she also receives round robin evaluations.

This type of evaluation style benefits not only the speaker, but also the evaluator since it is the evaluator’s job to facilitate the round robin. This provides a different type of leadership practice by keeping an eye on the time to ensure the evaluation time isn’t gone over.

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